Factors to Consider When Hiring a Cleaning Company



Are they certified to operate in your locality? This is an important factor to consider. Cleaning companies send people to clean your house probably when you are not around. A certificate from the county government or local activities is the only way to trust them. If anything goes wrong in the house and you cannot reach them, you will have them reported, and the authorities will need know how to trace them. A reputable company will not hesitate to produce their certificates of operation. Otherwise, it might be unsafe. If that occurs continue with your search.

Background check

cleaningDoes the company do a background check on the employees? This is a very important step for service providers whose employees will visit people house to house. People have different characters; you must be sure that the people you want to hire as cleaners are trustworthy and honest. Seek to know from the company if they trust all their employees and if they will take responsibility if something unusual like theft happens.


Does the company train their employees from time to time? Are the employees employed permanently or on commission? In many cases, full-time employees are trained for the latest trends in the cleaning industry. The employees are assets to the company, so they will want them to be the best in the market. Commission-based employees, on the other hand, come and go. This means the company will not feel obliged to train them because after all, they are not guaranteed that they will come back in the company. Prioritise companies with full-time cleaners.

Measure of performance

cleanerHow does the company measure the quality of work done by the employees? Do they just assume or a manager comes around to check? This should be made clear by the management before signing the contract. At times, the cleaners will be in a hurry hence shoddy work. A manager should pass by to ensure satisfactory work is done. Look for a company who take corrections positively. If you did not like the way your clothes were ironed, for example, the company should listen to your complaint, apologize and promise to give better results in the future.


This is a major consideration when buying goods and services. Cleaning companies charge differently depending on the amount of work, the time spent in your house, the equipment used and their reputation. Always choose a company that gives you value for your money irrespective of the amount you pay.…

Benefits of Using Solar Energy

solar panels

Nowadays people are encouraged to use solar as a source of energy. It is associated with numerous benefits to human beings. And true to it, many people are now shifting or using solar energy alongside or to substitute other forms of energy. Someone might be wondering and what are the benefits of using solar energy? This article will outline them for you, kindly read on:

A gift of nature, it is free

portable solar panelsSolar energy is obtained from the sun. The sun is God-given, we wake up and find the sun already out without paying anything. Hence the term gift of nature. This factor makes it very cheap. You only require a few equipment’s, and there you get your lights. People in far ends of the earth can easily access this type of energy compared to others. The campaign to have people in the rural areas to use this form of energy is increasing. It benefits them more without spending much.

Easy to install

To get the energy in your home, you only have to purchase solar panels which are very affordable. We have panels at all sizes and prices. Can you imagine that we have panels of as little as $10? There are those portable solar lamps which are very cheap. They are mostly used by people in the rural areas. With such, no installations costs because they are already fixed, you only have to take them on an area reached by direct sun rays. Another advantage with them is that they are portable, meaning you can easily use them all over the house.

No maintenance cost

Once the solar panels are installed, you do not need to keep on checking them from time to time. To achieve this, however, you must buy quality solar panels and have them fixed by a professional. As long as the sun is up and shinning, you can be assured of free lights all night long. Research a lot on reputable firms selling solar panels. Ask them for a warranty so that in case anything happens to the panels within the stated time you can have it replaced.


solar panelsResearch shows that showering with solar heated water is good for the skin. There are solar panels and water tank to store hot water which can be used by the whole family. The more the panels, the more heated water you will get. Shift to solar water showers, and you will get your soft, smooth skin back.…