5 Reasons to Service Your Boiler Yearly


One of the most neglected maintenance tips by many homeowners is boiler servicing. Whether you get an Edinburgh boiler company or one in New York, the agencies will advise on regular servicing. Your boiler is one of the machines that you have to make sure function as intended. Here are some reasons you should regularly service your boiler.

1. Identify Potential Problems

It is common for people to forget that their boilers will not be in use in the winter only. Because the boiler will be regularly in service, it may be hard to identify any problems. This is the main reason to make sure the professional services it yearly. The engineer will have a look at your system and identify any potential problems. By handling these risks beforehand, you will save on cost charges that occur as a result of extensive damage.

2. Cheaper

Servicing your boiler costs less than replacing the entire system. Regular checks guarantee that the machine is in excellent working condition. This will also help in boosting the life span of the machine, thus giving you time to save up for a new one if necessary.

An efficient boiler will save you money over time. Several factors come into play when looking to save on energy bills. However, the efficiency of the machine assures you that it uses less energy to operate.

3. Safety

According to the Department of Health, A&E receive 4000 victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is because the symptoms can be mistaken or other ailments, and for this reason, it is essential to have your boiler checked. Regular servicing will also give you peace of mind when it comes to health concerns, especially if you have infants.

4. Warranty

If you do not get your boiler serviced for more than a year, it will make your warranty void. This will make it hard to claim the money for repair in case the machine breaks down. Be sure to check the terms of the warranty also; you do not want to get caught out.

5. Law

It is required by law that landlords/ladies need to have yearly gas safety checks off all gas appliances in their properties. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure the occupants are safe. These annual gas checks include boilers as well to guarantee safety. If you want to know more about the legal conditions, feel free to research, to be on the safe side.