Top Reasons to Buy a Residential Wind Turbine

turbine blades

You probably have seen vast commercial wind farms which generate energy on a large scale level. Such are known to have numerous benefits over other kinds of power generation. Have you ever considered installing smaller turbines to enjoy similar benefits? This should be more of the case if you live in a windy area. With batteries, you can store the excess power generated when the winds are strong and then use it when there is no wind. Below are some of the top reasons as to why you should buy a residential wind turbine.

It Is Environmentally Friendly

 wind turbinePower generation from wind results in no pollution whatsoever. Wind power is a renewable and sustainable energy source. Installing wind turbines in your home, therefore, reduces your carbon footprint quite significantly. You get electricity without having to overuse the natural resources on earth.

It Is Pocket-Friendly

Admittedly, the cost of installing a wind turbine can be quite high. Once the turbine is installed, the only other cost that you will have to incur is that of regular maintenance, which is not much. You will enjoy free electricity from wind energy for many years to come, which will be worth a lot more than the cost of installation. In other words, you will never have to worry about electricity bills again for as long as your wind turbine is functioning.

Easy Installation

The smaller residential turbines designed for homes are quite easy to install. It is so easy that anyone with some little handy skills can get the job done. The kits usually come with all the parts needed for installation and thorough instructions on how to install the turbine. Maintenance of the residential wind turbines is also quite simple.

It Can Provide Additional Income

Depending on the amount of power your wind turbine produces, you can earn some additional income from it. If strong winds are blowing and you are producing more energy than what you need, you can sell the surplus to the grid and earn from it. Some power companies may accept the power homeowners with surplus electricity and then supply it back to you when there are no winds.wind farm

Mitigates the Energy Price Rises

It is quite easy to predict that the price of energy is going to increase quite significantly in the future. A wind turbine will help to mitigate the expected impact of price hikes.