Three Signs That Your Sliding Door Needs Repair

sliding doors on the patio

The sliding door at your patio will surely give you a beautiful view of the outer side of your side. But when the mechanism jams, the supposedly decorative part at home will become a nuisance. And it is not an uncommon case.

As a house owner with Internet access, the first step you do is probably to attempt to fix the door yourself. Even if such is a good intention, you have to know the signs when you need professional help. .

Broken Rollers

a sliding doorWhen the door jams, the problem may be on the rollers. One possibility is that they are broken and unable to function as they are supposed to. If you think you can find the replacement and install it yourself, then you are very welcome to try. However, you must know that improper installation can potentially cause further damages like dented or bent rail and chipped door frame. Be careful, or you can have another issue that will cost a hundred dollars.

Door rollers can get rusty. If you notice some rust, and you can disassemble the door, clean the door with an anti-rust spray. If the door is very big, ask for assistance. You don’t want to break the glass too, do you?

Cracked Glass

broken glass at a doorYou may think that a small crack can’t hurt the view. But consider how it impacts the insulation of the room. Your door does not only function as an entry point of the house, but it also acts as a barrier between the temperature in the inside and the outside. A small crack can make the insulation inefficient, and it can add an extra electricity bill, especially during summer and winter.

Moreover, it is better to let an expert handle this matter. Even if you are a hardcore DIY enthusiast, you should realize that you are at risk of spending the same amount of money twice in case your repair attempt fails. No one guarantees the result of your work. If you entrust the task to a professional technician, you’ll get the damage fixed for sure. It’s a matter of time efficiency.

Floor Marks

Your door’s roller is not supposed to leave marks on the floor. Although it doesn’t look like a big deal, since the marks are covered by the door anyway, you must think about the consequences in the future. For instance, what if you want to extend the room, and you are left with scratches on the floor exposed? What if the floor breaks and the door collapse? Remember that you are going to use the moving mechanism of your sliding door every day, and what may seem like trivial problems at first can get severe in no time.